Monday, April 4, 2011

Milestone USB Tethering with Mobile Vikings

So it is generally thought that you can not use the european motorola milestone as a tethered modem. I tried it anyway, and got it working! I wouldn't be surprised if this method works for other android phones too..

Here are the steps to make it work (this will only work when your telecom provider is Mobile Vikings (Belgium)):

1. Connect your phone with the usb cable to the windows pc (I am using w7).
2. Put it in Portal & Tools mode.
3. Let all the drivers download and install (windows does this automatically)
4. Now go to start and type: internet options (or your languages equivalent if you don't have an english windows
5. In the internet options screen go to Connections.

6. Click "Add..."
7. Choose Dial-up (your phone still has to be connected in Portal & Tools mode!)
8. Give in the following parameters:
Dial-up phone number: *99#
User name: web
Password: web
9. Check "remember this password", if you so please.
10. Connection name can be anything, mine is: Milestone modem
11. Click "Create"
12. You can now test your internet connection.
13. When going back to the Internet Options screen, remember to set the radiobutton-option to "Never dial a connection", so that you can manually choose to connect or disconnect to the modem.
14. Close everything by clicking "OK"
15. Now if you click the tray icon for wireless network connections, a Dial-up option should be available with the Connection name you gave in previously, if you phone is correctly connected, you can click connect to get on the internet.

16. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mouse (and keyboard) lag while gaming in vista -> Solution!

Recently I started having a problem with my mouse lagging in games. It's hard to explain, but everytime I started strafing whilest going forward, and moving my mouse, the mouse would stop responding for 1-2 seconds. You can imagine how frustrating this can be. Ofcourse I started searching the internet (and thus google) for answers. Unfortunatly, nobody seems to find an answer, most people just say "its your mouse/graphics drivers" or "reinstall the specific game".But neither of those suggestions help anyone with my problem.
Lucky me (and you if you are reading this): I seem to have found the problem. We all know the UAC of windows vista. Some of us hate it, some of us don't care. I was one of those who didn't really care, though because it's quite annoying to press four buttons everytime you are doing something, I switched it off. Now normally one would think that everything now starts in administrator mode (and it should). But apparantly, there's still a difference... It seems that my games aren't run in administrator mode and that's why there's the mouse lag.
If you just go to the properties of the *.exe of you game and switch on "Run as administrator" in the "Compatibility" tab, then everything works as smooth as ever! Hooray!
If you have this problem and UAC is on with you (or you don't have a clue what UAC for vista is) then just try running the game as administrator in the same fashion I just explained above.
Enjoy fragging pixels again!